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The exhibition project’s main PDF articles are provided immediately below, but please scroll down to view a further set of three valuable PDF’s aimed at 10 – 16 years of age viewers and their teachers, parents and peers: the Appendix document contains three special articles by higher education academics + a valuable links resource. Please also visit the Using the Resource Page

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Commonly, many in positions of authority -- such as teachers, managers, etc -- are very ‘busy’ people … who don’t have the paid-for time to help, much as they would like, with addressing human rights and bullying issues … At the same time there are individuals who are very busy indeed in making the effort to peddle prejudices and do so much wilful harm ….’

But what if you are a victim of prejudice, and what if you are not satisfied by the indifference of those very busy people who don’t have time for human rights, including the right to live a life free of physical and psychological bullying??

It was due to the seriousness of these facts and related issues that the thematic articles that form the main part of each PDF, and which subsequently inspired the ground-breaking graphic design of the exhibition panels themselves, created by final year students of one of south west England’s largest colleges.

These images are subject to copyright and may not be used, printed or reproduced in any form without the consent of the graphic designers of Bournemouth and Poole College who created them

Details of how to register interest in the images and work of the graphic designs will be found on the Contact/Services page very soon (10/07/2012) 

Main PDF’s list:

Introductory (general overview: about: origins: support: index of contents, etc)

  1. Challenging Discrimination and Homophobia

  2. Homophobia in Education

  3. Removal of Stereotyping & Homophobia in Sport

  4. Time for Change: LGBT Discrimination in public service organisations

  5. One World, One Humanity

  6. Time for Change: Trans and transphobia

Appendix: three articles + the project’s Useful Links resource

PDF’s kindly formatted by Bournemouth & Poole College Art and Design Department teacher and graphic designer, Jane Jenkins (jane@schoolt.co.uk)

Other PDF’s:

The following three PDF’s are aimed at a younger audience (10 – 16 years), their teachers, parents and friends/peers:

Resources kindly created by professional editor Kate O’Malley (kateohmalley@gmail.com), who based their content on key elements of the main exhibition project PDF material. Formatting of the documents was provided by Jane Jenkins.


PDF’s List:

  1. Intro to homophobia

  2. Homophobia in Sport

  3. School Issues