Some representative comments from attendees of the Exhibition Launch:

As a result of involvement in the project, in a couple of sentences if you had a message you wanted to give to those who discriminate against or bully LGBT individuals, what would it be?

If you make fun of someone for their sexuality, you might as well be the one to hand them a gun.

This is my world as well as its yours to

It brought to light the severity of bullying and discrimination experienced in LGBT communities and just as well in general communities.

Focussing on discrimination would benefit peoples’ lives and the quality of lives they lead, just as much as school grades.

What personal gain do you get from doing it?

I’m pretty sure most of us know about homophobia and what goes on. But unfortunately everyone has different views on life

Imagine living through your whole life afraid to even ‘step out the door.’ Discrimination has not only immediate effects on the person(s) in question but long lasting social and mental repercussions.

Everyone is different, so what’s the point.

Focussing on discrimination would benefit peoples’ lives and the quality of lives they lead, just as much as school grades.

Comments from Bournemouth and Poole graphic design students involved in the project

Other comments from guests and VIP’s attending the Launch:

Bring the information to young people so they don’t start bullying and discriminating.

If you want to ameliorate a situation, I think it is very important to stand with the young people, because they behave like their friends or parents behave. Therefore there must be a good example for them!’

‘[Where could the project resources be used]:

Rugby, Olympics, Poole Children and Young People’s Anti-Bullying Conference 2013. Elderly LGBT. Union Cup 2013 – would love to see other colleges doing a similar project.

Schools conferences. NUS. Hospital Receptions. A & E. Youth Clubs. Community Centres. Dorset HealthCare. Reception Areas. Staff Canteens. Governors Meetings. Police Stations. Sue Newell. Equality Lead at Poole Borough Council

It would be great to see this exhibition at secondary schools, university & college.’


Students work Brilliant

Lets build on this across the County, and eventually the Country.

[Where could be used] schools, police, major employers – banks and insurance companies, sports clubs!!’

Very thought provoking posters, excellent work!! Hope that these will be used Nationwide’

Really interesting. We will be approaching our council concerning the schools campaign, plus promoting the success of this initiative in our newsletter’ Chris Beale. Poole CVS

Excellent panels and event. Great project. Keep up the good work.’ Colin Hague. HR Director: Dorset HealthCare (DHUFT)

'An amazing exhibition!  The artists had clearly gained through involvement in the project a deep understanding of the issues of homophobic prejudices.  This came through in the artistic perceptions, which were powerful and compelling.'
Denise Wootten. Community Development Worker: Dorset HealthCare (DHUFT)

Note: further comments from guests and VIP representatives of organisations who attended the launch are still being received, and will be added soon.