Anti-homophobia educational partnership with the Just a Ball Game? organisation:

just a ball game?We are delighted to announce that the Olympics Legacy Anti-homophobia in Sport Exhibition Project [AHS]has developed an educational partnership with Lindsay England’s Just a Ball Game? Organisation.Lindsay through JBG? have for over 8 years been at the forefront of anti-homophobia in football and sport in the UK,pioneering work in this field in direct partnership with the TUC, and national and European football and sports governing bodies and professional associations, and a number of lgbt friendly grass roots teams and lgbt groups. ;It is particularly welcome to be working directly with Lindsay England at this time, with a major expansion of the JBG? organisation taking place.

Part of a European-level grant secured by JBG? is being spent on a set of AHS exhibition banners, which will be displayed at Hyde FC on World AIDS Day2012, and AFC Rushden and Diamonds on 8th December, and thereafter used by Just a Ball Game? in the organisation’s national level anti-discrimination educational and campaigning work.

Through the collaborative partnership with Lindsay England and JBG? an exceptional opportunity has been provided for the anti-homophobia educational resources of the AHS project to reach many people as an ongoing legacy resource. We are really delighted about and appreciative of this on behalf of the many individuals and representatives of the AHS exhibition project supporting and partnering organisations that gave so much time, care and enthusiastic input to create the project’s articles and graphic designs.

You can learn more about the important LGBT inclusivity & anti-discrimination work of ‘Just a Ball Game?’ at!/justaballgame

Alan Mercel-Sanca

Olympics Legacy Anti-homophobia in Sport Exhibition Project [AHS] Lead