Evaluation of Anti-Homophobia Olympics Legacy Exhibition Project Bournemouth and Poole College final year graphic design project:

Stone wall visitStone wall visit

Teacher co-leads and students visit Stonewall in recognition of their contribution to the anti-discrimination work of the project: In the picture Wes Streeting and Luke Tryl (Stonewall Education Section Lead, and Senior Education Officer)



When we were first approached by Alan with the project outline we felt it presented a perfect opportunity for the 2ndyr. Art & Design students from Bournemouth and Poole college to engage in an exciting equality and diversity issue.

Although we were aware that the brief would have many challenges we felt that we had a group of students whose attitude and approach to social issues would allow them to fully participate and creatively develop the project.

The initial response from the students was a positive one and very quickly with open discussion they formed creative teams and began to explore the possibilities of the project brief.

Group critiques and design meetings with the client were held alternate weeks and through these meetings the students gained a deeper understanding of the issues involved.

The final creative outcomes show a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding this subject matter and also have allowed the students to work to their particular strengths in the areas of Graphic Design and Photography.

The final designs are of such a professional standard that we are extremely proud that the work of the students has been recognised nationally by agencies such as Stonewall.


On a personal level we feel it has enriched the student experience and has given them a true insight into working on a “live” brief in a design team.

It has been a pleasure to develop a project of this calibre and to see it gaining momentum in the public arena “

Ellie Douglas& Jane Jenkins Project Leaders